Monday, December 7, 2009

Gobble Wobble

My first big running event was the Thanksgiving Day Gobble Wobble fun run put on by Gazelle Sports. I decided to run this event about a week before Thanksgiving. There were two options - 1 mile or 4.2 miles. Since I had never run in any sort of group event before, I went into it thinking, "One mile will be more than enough at 8am on Thanksgiving morning".

The event cost $15 and for this I received a long sleeve runners shirt and a reusable grocery bag with The North Face written across the side. I also got a tube of something that I am quite unsure what it is used for. I am so angry for not taking a photo of myself on the day of my big event. I was looking so cute in the shirt and with my outdoor running gear on. SHAME ON ME!!!

The run took place in East Grand Rapids around Reeds Lake. When they called us to line up for the race I noticed only children were taking part in the 1 mile event so I was shamed to get into the 4.2 mile line. Thinking to myself "what have I done?!?" I decided that maybe running 2-3 miles and walking the rest wouldn't be so bad. Before I knew it the run had started and I was off. I noticed that the crowd was going a nice slow pace and I was able to stay part of the pack.

During the first mile I kept thinking "ok, when I get to the mile mark I can just go to the side of the road and turn back", but somehow my legs kept moving and I kept going. Mile 2 seemed to be the longest, but once I got to the 3 mile mark, I knew I was on the home stretch. After 45 minutes of huffing and puffing the end was near. I had done it. I had gone the whole entire 4.2 miles without stopping or walking (except for on the Hall Street Hill from Hell, but everybody seemed to walk up that). That was the longest distance I have run to date and I am still very proud of that moment!

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