Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bye Bye 55

I realized I never posted if I had made it to my NYE weight loss goal. Well, I didn't exactly make it on NYE, however, I made in on my first weigh-in day of 2010, so what they hey, close enough!

Weight loss to date: 55 pounds
Size: 8

5K or 10K? That is the question.

I have been trying to figure out what race distance I should do for the River Bank Run. My average runs these days have been between 3-4 miles, so I know the 5K will be fine. But will it be a challenge? Aren't races supposed to provide you with that high to push you to speeds and distances that maybe you never experienced before? But still, 6.2 miles? YIKES!

Last week Thursday I had the day off so I decided to go into work after getting my oil changed mid afternoon for a run on the treadmill. I try to run 5 miles once a week, so that was going to be my day. After I got to the 5 mile mark, instead of feeling totally wiped out like I normally do, I felt as if I could keep going. I kept plugging along and before I knew it, I had gone 6.25 miles. What an amazing feeling! Who would have thought that in 4 months time I could go from nothing to 10K? Not me! On this day my decision was made for me. I will be doing the 10K in the 2010 RBR.